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Patricia Dunn-Fierstein

"My story is about loss and about those who are holding us up even when we’re unaware: Our friends, God, and our mothers—all of them—from human to divine to Mother Nature herself. Because from the beginning, even when all else failed, in the forest, I could always find grace."              

                                                            —From Finding Grace, The Novel

About Finding Grace


Charlie O’Brien is thirteen in 1960 when she discovers the aftermath of a violent crime in the forest outside of Norfolk Virginia. A stranger, Violet Marshall, happens upon the scene and offers help. In their efforts to track down the perpetrators and avenge the violence, they seal their friendship. Soon after, Charlie meets the rest of Vi’s family and learns of their mysteries and their secrets. In spite of the danger in this relationship, Charlie adores Vi and cannot abandon her. Through Charlie’s new–found friendship with Violet and her unique family, she begins to encounter life as they do. These experiences challenge her worldview, forcing her to confront the darkness in her community, her family, and herself. When the Marshalls’ lives are threatened, Charlie must choose between keeping silent to protect her family, or defending the Marshalls, risking her very life in the process.

Finding Grace, Novel
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